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Duran Fishing Products DFP Reel Clamps

Duran Fishing Products

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm For more information go to

The Duran's DFP Reel Clamp is fully precision machined out of billet aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum, and 100% made in the USA. Using state of the art CNC milling machines we take the block of aluminum and using various carbide cutters we bring the clamp to life.

This clamp is newest and most versatile clamp in today’s market with confirmed fitment on 40 plus reels it is a true universal clamp all in one. The clamp is designed to be mounted on your rod and to be able to interchange reels without removing any screws or taking off the clamp.

Mini Super Clamp Fitment:
Shimano Tranx 300-500 Trinidad 10-20 and 16NA, Torium 14-20 
Daiwa Lexa 300, Saltiga 10-400 Saltist 15-40 
Avet SJX (For Raptor Model must Purchase Avet Replacement Reel Foot) For Mounting on baitcaster style reels (Tranx, Lexa) Leave a small gap between the Slide Post and Slot. Notice:To mount on Avet SX or MX you must purchase the Duran Avet Replacement Reel Foot
Penn Fathom 400 Baitcaster, Fathom 8XN, 12,15, 25, 30, 25N Squall 12, 15, 30, 40, 25N Torque 15, 30 25N
Accurate Valiant 400-600, Tern 400-600, Boss 400-600, Dauntless 400-600, Fury 400-600, Fits 400-500 Series Narrow Reels. Does not Fit 300 Series Accurate Reels
Rod Diameter 5/8 (.625) - 1-1/8 (1.125)
Super Clamp Fitment:
Shimano: Torium 14-50, Trinidad A 12-50, Trinidad 12-50, Calcutta 400-700, Tranx 400-500,  Talica 8-20, Tyrnos 20-30, Speedmaster 12-16
Daiwa Saltiga 15-30, Saltist 15-30, Seagate 20-50, Lexa 400
Okuma Komodo 463, Komodo 471
Penn Torque 15-40, Fathom15-50, Squall 15-40, Warfare 15-30
Avet JX, HX, LX
Accurate Valiant 400-600, Tern 400-600, Boss 400-600, Dauntless 400-600, Fury 400-600
Rod Diameter 1-1/8 (1.125) - 1-1/2 (1.500)
Mega Clamp Fitment: (for Deckhand Style Rods, No Reel Seat)
Shimano Torium, Trinidad, Talica, Speedmaster, Tranx
Daiwa Saltiga, Saltist, Seagate, Lexa
Penn Torque, Fathom, Squall, Fathom Baitcaster
Avet SX, MX, JX, SXJ
Accurate Valiant, Tern, Boss, Dauntless, Fury
Okuma Tesoro, Metaloid, Makaira, Alijos, Komodo
*Designed to be used with Stock Hardware