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Pro-Cure Super Gel 2oz Bottle


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Pro-Cure Super Gel Attractants are a legendary series of gel-based fishing scents and attractants. Scents are made with real ground up baitfish, nightcrawlers, krill, shrimp, salmon eggs, and other tasty prey food and common aquatic snacks (depending on the scent). These scents are then further enhanced with anise oil, amino acids, and UV Flash (once again, this varies by scent). Their sticky, gelatinous consistency makes them great for adding to artificial hard lures and soft plastics. Scents make Sense all the time. Make wary fish bite and hold on so you get hooked up more often. 

  • 2oz Bottle
  • Gel Sticks to Baits Longer 
  • Scent for all your Fishing Adventures