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Madness Balam 245 Jointed Swimbait


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm For more information go to

The Balam 245 and 300 are giant baits with “three superpowers”, a great action at high speeds, complete stillness when dead-sticking and a perfect bait to utilize the “Eight-Trap Method.”

The ultra-high-speed retrieve, which was unprecedented in most big baits, is possible with a multi-joint body, and stable swimming even with fast retrieves.

The fast retrieve is key to trigger reactions around structure. The tight, ultra-high pitch sound from the segments make it appeal to bass even more.

When dead-sticking the bait, the silicon tail and natural look make it look like an easy meal for a big bass.

The “Eight-Trap Method” can turn followers into biters. This final move is a way to fool big bass that are right next to the boat.

Length 9.65”

Weight 3.7oz