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Hide Up 111 F Floating

Hide Up

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High floating model of HU-MINNOW, a strong wave jerk bait produced by Taranbai Nagano.

The biggest feature "water push" is still alive in the floating model. "Push water to dive, push water to fly, push water to float". In addition, the wide back and body balance realize a shimmy lazer that floats while shaking the body.

In ripping, dive with high sound when the wide back sinks under the water surface. Furthermore, the movement distance is suppressed by floating the kick bag.

Especially good at close range combat, this minnow demonstrates its power in short distance vertical structures such as reeds and stakes, and tight approaches to Leeds and Manmade. The water push, which is a feature, acts as a brake to shorten the movement distance and step. You can appeal to the bus persistently.

It also supports cranking from its high buoyancy and wobble.

Length 111 mm

Weight 17g