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Nature Boys Wiggle Rider Jigs

Nature Boys

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The Wiggle Rider has the width to create a lot of action, They have fast become one of Nature Boys most popular jigs. Manufactured out of iron so they resist bending under pressure, for longer lasting jig. A slight taper at both ends create action on the retrieve, the width helps create a flutter on the sink, making them a great choice for night and day bluefin fishing. The shorter length of the wiggle rider allows for rigging a hook on either or both ends. For speed jigging a top assist hook is generally the way to go, but when the bluefin are biting a bottom hook can increase hookups. 

Weight 190g Length 197mm Width 22mm

Weight 265g Length 200mm Width 23mm

  • Lots of action on the fall & retrieve
  • Wider shape available in 190g & 265g sizes
  • Made in Japan