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Tony Reyes Fishing Tours



Tony Reyes Fishing Tours has been providing anglers with top tier fishing tours in the beautiful Sea of Cortez for over 50 years. The boat offers six day trips, departing from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico from March thru October. Tony Reyes Fishing Tours is the only multi-day operation departing from San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. The crew is Experienced, and Knowledgeable, some of our crew members have been with Tony Reyes fishing tours for over 40 years, and will provide you with the most memorable fishing tour vacation.

The Baja coastline is breathtaking and   beautiful, so remember a camera. We will be fishing in an area called the Midriff Islands, which is the narrowest part of the Sea of Cortez, know as the “Yellowtail Alley” or “The Fishtrap” of the Sea of Cortez. This area is a natural migration route for Yellowtail. We will target this area, Yellowtail up to 40 pounds are not uncommon.

The Midriff season begins in April. As we navigate the many islands and reefs, your catch may include: Giant Squid, Yellowtail, Red Snapper, Grouper, Dorado, Pinto Bass, Roosterfish, Sailfish, Amberjack, Cabrilla, Giant Black Seabass, Shark, and many more species.

The type of fish caught varies by the time of year you book your trip.  “Tony Reyes” only fished the best times of the year, March thru mid November. During the first four months of the season we’ll target large Cabrilla, Yellowtail, White Seabass, Black Seabass, and a variety of bottom fish. The Yellowtail are not as big in the springtime but the numbers are excellent. Around the middle of June the Giant Yellowtail show up as well as  Dorados, Amberjacks, Pargos, Roosterfish, White Seabass, and a steady bite of Cabrilla. The Giant Squid can show up anytime, however, some years they don’t show at all.


About “Tony Reyes” the Boat

The “Tony Reyes” is the most experienced boat fishing the Sea of Cortez. The boat is equipped with GPS, marine and short wave radios, and fish finding electronics in the wheelhouse. Also, the “Tony Reyes” is outfitted with life saving equipment if an emergency arises. The boat is a 107’ steel hull fishing vessel, accommodating 27 Anglers, Air Conditioned state rooms, and 110 volt electrical outlets in the rooms. Seven 2 Person State Rooms and Four 4 Person State Rooms make up the sleeping accommodations.  The “Tony Reyes” also carries nine 22’ Pangas, to fish from daily.

The “Tony Reyes” is equipped with  live bait holds to keep bait lively for each days panga excursion. A walk in freezer, and refrigerator with ice hold is also aboard the to keep your catch fresh. Crushed ice will be provided to you during the trip and also at the end of the trip to transport your catch home in your ice chest. There are also six restrooms and four showers, and a well equipped galley to enjoy your meals.



The harbor where the boat is docked is located three miles from town. When you arrive in San Felipe you will encounter a traffic circle. Exit the circle at the first right and in three miles you’ll see the harbor on your left. Drive up to the boat on the pier and unload your gear. There is a watchman aboard the boat, to secure the boat while it is docked in the harbor.


Arriving and Boarding the Boat

Boarding begins at 2pm Saturday in order to give the crew time to clean and prepare the boat prior to boarding. There are plenty of motels in town for sleeping accommodations. You are welcome to stay aboard the boat Saturday night if you prefer. However, because of extreme low tides in San Felipe the boat can not run the generators, so the air conditioners do not operate and staying on the boat during hot times may be uncomfortable. Motels may be your best option. If staying in town, it’s best to have breakfast in town early and be at the boat by 8am Sunday. Once you have arrived to the boat you’ll unload your gear and you will then drive your vehicle to the provided parking at Tony’s house, lock your vehicles, and be transported back to the boat.


The Boat Departs San Felipe

The trip departs Sunday Morning usually between 10am and noon according to tide levels. The boat will travel all day and night on Sunday approximately 250 miles south of San Felipe. The boat will arrive to the fishing grounds Monday morning. The pangas will be unloaded from the stern of the “Tony Reyes” and you will begin fishing. Fishing Days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and half day Friday. At the conclusion of fishing on Friday the pangas will be loaded back on the stern of the “Tony Reyes” and the return trip back to San Felipe will begin. This is the general operating procedure of the boat, but is subject to change due to weather, fishing conditions, and bait etc.


Daily Panga Excursions

Pangas are issued on a first come first served basis unless the Charter Master elects to assign the pangas in advance. The pangas are equipped with radios, trolling rod holders, and powered by 50hp Yamaha 4 Stroke Motors. The Pangas will be loaded by your guide daily with all your gear and refreshments each morning prior to departing from the “Tony Reyes”. All you have to do is get aboard the panga. A typical day starts with breakfast before the sun is up, then fishing till mid-day, at which time you’ll return to the “Tony Reyes” for lunch and a siesta for a couple hours. After lunch and a nap, you’ll return to the fishing hot spots until sunset. The pangas will return to the “Tony Reyes” at sunset so you can shower and eat a good meal before making bait for the next days panga fishing. Everyone is required to catch bait, if not you won’t have access to live bait for the next days fishing. 

Also aboard the “Tony Reyes” are six kayaks for your use to explore the beautiful scenery in and around the Midriff Islands. Just ask the deck crew to fix you up with a kayak, paddle, and life vest if you would like to take advantage of the opportunity.


The Galley

Because a full day of fishing can create hunger and thirst, the Galley serves three meals a day and is well stocked with beverages, including cerveza, sodas, and bottled water, all are included in the fare. If you prefer hard liquor, wine, or America beers, and sodas, you are welcome to bring it aboard if you like. Meals are served in shifts, please exit the galley promptly after your meal shift has ended. So other anglers can promptly start their meal shift.

Please conserve water aboard the “Tony Reyes” as it is limited supply. Save all bottles as the vessel pays a deposit on them.

 Big fish jackpots are not boat sponsored by the “Tony Reyes”. However anglers are welcome to have them in there own.


Returning to San Felipe

At the conclusion of the trip many anglers opt to return home directly after the boat returns to the pier in San Felipe Friday evening. Another option is to rent a motel room in town and return home Saturday and enjoy a casual scenic drive home. Upon returning to the pier in San Felipe your fish will be filleted and placed in ziplock bags and placed in your ice chest with the provided crushed ice. Filleting, packaging and ice is included in your fare. You will then be transported back to your vehicle and return to the boat to load your gear and prepare for the trip home.


Mexican Government Requirements

The Mexican Government requires a “fishing passport” for fishing in the Sea of Cortez. The fishing passport is a 1 year permit and the cost is approximately $20.00 This is an extra cost. Tony will give you your fishing license and fishing passport at the end of the trip, you can pay him the fee at that  time.


Tip Recommendations

Tips are option and should be based on service received. The following is recommended:


$80.00 to each angler to your guide

$20.00 each angler to the kitchen

$40.00 each anger to the deck crew


Guide Tip: You should tip guide after you have received your fish packed in your ice chest. Check to make sure you received your fish prior to tipping.


Galley Tip: There will be a tip can in the galley the last day of the trip. Place the tip in the van for the galley staff.


Deck Crew Tip: The Captain will give everyone their fishing license on the last day, give the Captain the tip for the deck crew when he gives you our license.



Weather is normally warm, hot and dry.  Weather Febuary thru May and October thru December can be cool. So plan your clothing accordingly.


Personal Gear Recommendation:

Shorts, Swim Trunks, and Long Pants

Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Shirts

Light Jacket or Windbreaker

Light Rain Gear for wind chop spray in Pangas

Dirty clothes bags, extra trash bags

2 Pair of tennis shoes, flip flops

Fish rags

Wide brim hat and cap

Toiletry items, towels, soap, shampoo etc.

Bedding, sleeping bag, sheets, and pillow

Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, hand lotion, insect repellent

Flashlight, camera, bottle opener

Ice chest, maximum size 86 quart

Extra snacks, personal drinks, hard liquor, wine etc.

25’ lite rope for tying things down if it’s windy

1 gallon zip lock bags for you filets, just in case the boat runs out.